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la Barbecue

la Barbecue
1906 E Cesar Chavez
Austin TX 78702
Arguably the best barbecue in Austin. However here at Astute, we typically do not post "food truck" entries as they tend to be more transient establishments and do not fit the needs of our normal traveling audience. My guess is that you will forgive us for this once you bite into your first succulent Texas Style BBQ rib or brisket. John Lewis honed his craft along side the legendary BBQ Mueller siblings. As is standard in the food truck world, all seating is outdoor on picnic tables.
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Aaron Franklin is a living legend. His team is second to none. If you can't spare a few hours to hang out and empty a few beers, essentially tailgate,...
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Yummy Texas BBQ Thy name is Micklethwaites!! I WALKED here in the midday sun to get me some meat, and turned up about 12:20, sweating like I had just...
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