• www.fuser.com

    Fuser.com   consumer website
    At fuser.com I served as a member of the user interface development team. I assisted with development of features for presenting FaceBook, LinkedIn, and MySpace social networking data as part of the integrated Inbox system that Fuser is built around.

    Spring 2009

  • www.stewarttubular.com

    StewartTubular.com   public website
    At Stewart Tubular, we created a new website to help bolster sales in a poor economy. Using the DotNetNuke content management system, we developed a website with content that is maintainable by the users. This method saves them money and helps them keep their content fresh. Additionally, we focused effort on SEO (search engine optimization) and brought them from page 7 to page 1 on their primary key words.

    Winter 2008

  • www.aac-therapy.com

    AAC-Therapy.com   public and private website
    For AAC Therapy we created both a public website for marketing the business as well as a private website for tracking work by the therapists and handling billing. The public website uses the DotNetNuke content management system to allow for quick development and easy updating. The private website uses .NET coupled with lightweight AJAX to offer a fast and friendly interface that runs on both desktop and smart phone browsers.

    Summer 2009

  • www.equisition.com

    eQuisition.com   paid web service
    For eQuisition, we built a robust web application for use in the Oil and Gas Land Acquisition sector. The website was years in the making and capable of supporting an unlimited number of companies and users using it's scalable and compartmentalized design. The website is tightly integrated with ESRI GIS mapping software for a complete solution for landmen. Several notable companies Oil and Gas companies are currently using the product.

    Winter 2008

  • www.sailingforsos.com

    SailingForSos.com   sailing and cruising website

    Winter 2009


We design and develop websites for small businesses. Our speciality is creating database driven web applications.


We build and maintain content management systems using the DotNetNuke engine. Custom modules can be built to give your portal the added flair you need in this competitive market.


We build software for the desktop and server that interfaces to SQL database and web services.


We offer managed hosting for physical servers, virtual servers, and websites. Website hosting with email starts at $50 per month; virtual servers from $150 per month; rack space for $350 per 2U.


For clients needing a photo shoot for their website or special event, we offer full onsite sessions to capture the product or person in the best possible way. Visit our Photo Gallery for examples.


SummerWorks is a small Houston Texas based firm operated by David Wilson. He has been writing code for small and medium sized businesses for 25 years. His goal is to provide a quality product for a fair price.